The Damage Weeds Can Do to Your Garden

//The Damage Weeds Can Do to Your Garden

The Damage Weeds Can Do to Your Garden

Every gardener’s worst nightmare is to deal with pesky weeds. Weeds can be extremely damaging to your precious plants in your home garden. They encroach on the space that’s meant for your plants to grow and thrive in, and they compete for the essentials with your plants such as nutrients, light, and water. They can also cause certain diseases to spread to your plants.

There’s no other option but to remove weeds as soon as you spot them. There are many different types of weeds and certain types like bindweed and ground elder can cause your garden to swamp if they are left unchecked for too long.

Here are some of the common ways weeds can impact your garden negatively.

Weeds have parasitic tendencies

Most weeds are parasitic, for example Alectra, and Orobanche which kill plants by clinging on to the roots. They aggressively extract nutrients from the plant and weaken it. As a result of this, they become more vulnerable to either starving, contracting a disease and/or an infestation.

Weeds can starve plants

Weeds grow at incredibly fast rates because they are quick to absorb all the nutrients from the soil. Due to this, plants lose out on some essential minerals which are meant to help them grow such as phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. They also become more prone to contracting diseases and attracting pests. Signs to look for a weed infestation include the plant turning into abnormal colors and reduced food growth.

Weeds can impact you too!

It’s not just the plants that get damaged in the process. Weeds can impact your health just as much. Some types of weeds such as, privet, parthenium weed, rye grass, and ragweed are responsible for causing asthma and other respiratory diseases. Prolonged exposure to these can significantly impact your health, especially children.

Other than that they can irritate the skin in some people and may also be poisonous. Some water weeds can impact the water supply which can be dangerous if it finds its way to drinking water.

Weeds spread out fast

Their tendency to invade space stops the growth of the plants since it gets taken over by weeds. They tend to spread fast and can cover a large amount of area cutting out other plants and suffocating them.

Don’t let weeds take over your garden which you have worked hard on! They can destroy the aesthetic of your garden and if neglected for too long can damage your garden. Remove the weeds with hands to avoid disturbing the soil.

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