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Stagg Nursery- Nursery Plantation Services

Stagg Nursery has been offering tree plantation services for over thirty years to clients in the Tampa Bay Area. We also have a wide variety of plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, decorative rock, sod and more. You can meet all your landscaping needs here with all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants available for purchase, wholesale and retail.

Planting a nursery means building a seedbed initially with a garden of seedlings. The nursery is home to a seed, seedling, sapling, cutting and oilier planting materials. Here they can be produced and maintained with extra care and caution before you plant them in another location. Nurseries act as a great resource to store seeds and acts as a storehouse for plant germplasm.

There are a host of environmental benefits to planting a nursery as well such as improving the air quality by filtering dust and pollutants such as carbon monoxide. Many species of wildlife including, birds and insects can thrive on the plants and trees and can add to the ecological diversity in your community.

Other communal benefits of nurseries include how they contribute to the aesthetic and architecture of your home, and as an extension can also beautify other homes in your neighborhood.

When planting a nursery, it is important to remember where the plants are coming from. We make sure to give plants all the necessary care to not just ensure lush, healthy growth but also that they remain that way when they are re-located. We make sure to assist you in providing the essentials to achieve optimal plant growth. If you plan to prepare your plants for an indoor space, we stress the importance of efficient pruning.

Including native plants to your nursery is also very important as they play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Choosing plants which are native to the Tampa Bay area and have different bloom times will help you create a garden that blooms throughout the seasons. We ensure your native plants are sited properly so maintenance with water and fertilizer is less vigorous and easier for you to sustain.

For nursery plantation and tree planting in your home, you can call us at Staggs Nursery in Tampa Bay. Contact us for more information.