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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is one of the staple services we provide that is also imperative to proper care and maintenance of trees. At Staggs Nursery, our trained professionals can help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Whether it is a commercial or a residential property in Tampa Bay, we are dedicated to helping you improving your curb appeal.

Making sure trees remain healthy and are well taken care of is our top priority. There are many benefits to this service. Tree pruning or trimming involves the removal of branches which are deceased which prevents further spread of decay. Trimming can allow for more equal distribution of sunlight and air circulation to the tree as well as the surrounding plants that may be over shadowed by it. This also allows for growth of newer and healthier leaves and branches.

Other than significantly improving the appearance of the tree and upgrading the general outlook of the landscape on your property, it also has safety benefits. You can eliminate the possibility of more frequent accidents. Hanging branches or untrimmed trees can cause damage to either power lines of any property that might be directly under the tree. To avoid injuries from fallen branches to residents of the property or your employees, make sure the trees are trimmed in a timely fashion.

There are four main types of tree trimming; fine pruning, hazard trimming, standard pruning and crown reduction trimming.

  • Fine pruninginvolves removing the smaller limbs to enhance the appearance of the tree.
  • Standard pruningis meant to improve the branch structure of the tree.
  • Hazard trimmingeliminates the risk of hazards that can be cause by branches which are more than two inches in diameter.
  • Crown reductioninvolves removing no more than one third of the crown and is targeted at branches that can potentially interfere with power lines.

We conduct thorough examination of the tree to determine the location, size, age and condition of the tree, before offering a free estimate.

Contact us at Staggs Nursery for a free quote and avail our tree trimming services in Tampa Bay at your earliest convenience.