When it comes to adding some character to your property’s landscape, you have to be creative with the right tools. With Staggs Nursery, we help you achieve complex, unique landscaping designs by providing all the necessary aggregates, sands and soil.

From crushed asphalt, drainfield rock and beautiful decorative rocks to basic sod and mulch, we offer all products in high quality to customers in the Tampa Bay Area.

And if you need some help getting started or want to hire an experienced team to complete your project, we’ll offer our assistance for that as well.

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Tree moss looks dark, unsightly and adds unnecessary weight to branches. An excessive amount moss can make the branches vulnerable to breakage during storms. At Staggs Nursery, we offer tree demossing at an affordable price to residential and commercial customers in the Tampa Bay Area.

Our trained, experienced team utilizes the latest equipment and tools to climb trees and physically remove moss.

Enhance the beauty, life and condition of your tree with our demossing service. Contact us for a free estimate on demossing.


Trimming is an essential step for proper care and maintenance of your trees.  Not to mention, it can also significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your property.

If you’re searching for professional tree trimming contractors near you, look no further. Staggs Nursery caters to both residential and commercial customers in the Tampa Bay Area. After checking the location, size, age and condition of a tree, our trimming team will offer you a free estimate.

If you approve the quote, we’ll arrange a date and time that’s convenient for you and your family/employees.

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Staggs Nursery specializes in professional stump grinding throughout the Tampa Bay Area. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with nuisance tree stumps.

Our team of trained, experienced professionals uses advanced stump grinding machines and safe stump removal procedures to ensure no damage to your property. Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, we offer stump removal services at affordable rates to everyone.

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Your search for tree and plant removal experts is now over! Staggs Nursery has the expertise and experience needed to remove decayed, damaged or dead tree trunks and trees seamlessly, without causing any major disruption to your routine. Contact us for a free estimate on tree and plant removal.


If you’re planning to landscape you property, Staggs Nursery has got your back. Since 1988, we have been landscaping both commercial and residential properties, so we have the know how and the ability to get the job done right for you.

We offer customized landscaping services that suit the needs of each customer, which includes but is not limited to, their property type, local weather conditions, soil conditions and pests. Contact us for a free estimate on our planting service.


Need to shift the location of a plant? Staggs Nursery offers transplanting service at budget-friendly rates to residential and commercial customers.

Our certified, trained tree care professionals can determine the perfect growing spot for your trees and plants and work according. They also take into account the characteristics of your property as well as the age and condition of trees to safely transplant it. Contact us for a free estimate on transplanting service.