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Tree Transplanting

Landscaping your property requires time, effort and money. But landscapes grow and will need to be changed with time—especially when there are trees involved. The tree that once looked dainty and great in the center of your lawn can outgrow your lawn and may need to be moved to elsewhere.

People may require tree transplanting services for the following reasons:

  • Your tree or plants have outgrown their space and need to be relocated
  • You’re moving to a new place and would like your tree/shrub to come with you
  • You’re expanding your property with hardscaping projects or home additions

If you do have trees and plants that need to be relocated, don’t attempt to transplant them yourself. Tree transplanting is a lot harder than it looks.

In order to transplant a tree, its roots need to be pruned a season before the transplantation. The area around the tree will need to be dug up to allow for easy extraction, and a new hole will be dug in the new location. The tree will then need to be transported into its new location with the root ball intact.

Once the tree/plant has been transferred to its new location, it will need to be positioned properly before the hole can be filled to secure its roots.

Even after the tree/plant has moved to its new spot, the transplantation process isn’t complete; you will still need to provide proper tree care for at least a year after transplantation.

It’s best to leave tree and shrub transplantation to the professionals to make sure your plant isn’t damage during the move.

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