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Sod and Mulch

At Staggs Nursery we aim to provide quality landscaping products and services to ensure that we attain optimal customer satisfaction. There is a lot that goes into making your commercial or residential property stand out and we can help you emulate the aesthetics you desire.

Our trained professionals exhibit their creativity in rendering complex landscaping designs with the right aggregates, sands and soil.

Whether it is crushed asphalt, drain field rock and decorative rocks or sod and mulch, the quality of our products remains unaffected for residents and commercial business owners alike in the Tampa Bay Area.


When it comes to enhancing the curb appeal of your property, there is no better way to make it appear more appealing than healthy sod. A well-maintained lawn is usually the first aspect of your property which attracts attention. At times, due to neglect or harsh weather conditions the lawn can look dull, patchy and unkempt. Moss and weeds can also add to the depleting visual beauty of your property. Healthy sod can drastically improve the overall condition of the landscape and can help you maintain a healthy lawn.

Sodding is a quick and convenient way to make your lawn look neat and clean. We make sure the sod has reached maturity before it reaches your home and with proper care and attention, we can provide you quick installation depending on the size of your yard.

We can help nurture your newly seeded lawn so it remains in mint condition for a long period of time. A premium landscaped lawn instantly adds value to your home. Sod is also generally easy to work with and requires less watering.


Mulching can help you save time and money. It is also an environmentally-friendly measure to improving the quality of your residential and commercial property. Mulching covers the soil and provides a more favorable environment for plants to grow and develop. It also prevents the water from evaporating and is more beneficial in the summer season. In winter, it protects the plant root from the cold.

At Staggs Nursery, we are well equipped and trained to provide mulching services and sod installation to upgrade the landscape of your commercial or residential property.

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