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Tree Demossing At Affordable Rates

Staggs Nursery offers professional tree demossing services which involve physically removing moss from trees using the latest equipment and tools. Our services can be availed by both residential and commercial property owners in the Tampa Bay Area.

There is an abundance of moss in Central Florida and the two types that are most commonly found on trees are Spanish and Ball moss. These can accumulate in large amounts on trees and may cause damage to the overall well being of the tree.

Moss can at times look unappealing and restrict access to nutrients for trees. In some cases the moss can get wet and heavy and the tree can succumb to diseases. Moreover, the added weight on branches can cause them to break off easily if there are wind storms. If left unattended for too long it can hinder the development and health of the tree by preventing necessary sunlight from reaching the tree. The larger the tree, the greater the surface area covered by moss. There is no other way to eliminate the moss but to remove it manually.

Our experts at Staggs Nursery are experienced in climbing trees and effectively removing moss. We make sure there is minimal compromise to the density of leaves on the tree during the demossing process.

You can rely on our professional services to remove moss from trees and provide tree care at affordable rates. To avail these services in Tampa Bay, Florida, you can contact us.